Message from Board Chair and Executive Director

Lessons, challenges and growth: three words that marked our second full year of operations.

Ciudad Juárez is a complex city defined by opportunity and action, whose nonprofits, businesses and community have demonstrated a strong and resilient spirit.

At the Fundación Paso del Norte para la Salud y Bienestar (Fundación), we envision, we invest, and we work together to build layers of wellness. These qualities compel us, as a foundation, to thrive for excellence and to serve our Ciudad Juárez community in a spirit of true action.

2017 was a year of hard work and gratifying experiences. We reaffirmed our conviction to establish and cultivate strategic partnerships to advance initiatives that have a high and positive impact in the community.

We are excited and proud of what we accomplished in our second year of operations. In 2017, we invested nearly $400,000 dollars to improve the health and well-being in Ciudad Juárez, through a variety of programs, partnerships and grants. This represents more than 7 million pesos. Our program “Reto por la Salud” allowed us to partner with six social agencies to support their fundraising efforts; eight different nonprofits implemented programs to prevent violence in marginalized neighborhoods thanks to our ongoing partnership with FICOSEC; and our program “Juárez en Acción” worked throughout the year to train Physical Education teachers in an internationally-renowned methodology, using play and sport to teach values and life skills. Thanks to this program, we partnered with more than 85 coaches and teachers who are using our curriculum in 99 schools and social programs, helping us reach more than 24,000 at-risk children in Ciudad Juárez. As part of this program, we also continued for a second year in a row, the community campaign “Action Weekend”, which this past year registered the participation of more than 7,000 Juarenses volunteering during the same weekend to clean public spaces, organize sport activities for the community and do charitable work, impacting more than 70,000 individuals.

We are very grateful to our donors, partners and allies for the inspiration, collaboration and strength they give us. The Board of Directors and staff is especially grateful to the Hunt Family Foundation, who believed in our mission before it was a reality and for investing through our foundation in programs to improve the quality of life of the people of Ciudad Juárez.

The Fundación is in good company as a member of the Paso del Norte Charitable Foundation and Paso del Norte Heath Foundation family. We plan to build on opportunity and invest in the creation of safer and healthier environments for the families of Ciudad Juárez and Paso del Norte region.

Ernesto Ávila, Board Chair 2016-2017

Ernesto Ávila
Board Chair 2016-2017

Karen Yarza, Executive Director

Karen Yarza
Executive Director

Our Mission:

Advance partnerships and initiatives to improve the health and well-being of the people and community of Ciudad Juárez.

People and community of Ciudad Juárez

Building Layers of Wellness and Expanding Opportunity

The Fundación Paso del Norte para la Salud y Bienestar, A.C. (Fundación) is a Ciudad Juárez-based nonprofit association established in 2015 by the Paso del Norte Health Foundation. The Fundación works collaboratively within the organization and with different stakeholders and sectors to build programs and initiatives that are meaningful and effective, and address the needs of the community.

Strategic Goals:
      1. Increase the organizational capacity
      of health and wellness programs in Ciudad Juárez
      2. Develop life skills in children and youth
      of Ciudad Juárez
      3. Improve the emotional wellness
      of people living in Ciudad Juárez
      4. Promote a culture of healthy living
      among the community of Ciudad Juárez
People and community of Ciudad Juárez

Programs and Accomplishments

In 2017, the Fundación had numerous achievements that have expanded opportunities and built relationships that are making a difference in the lives of the people in Ciudad Juárez.

RETO POR LA SALUD (Challenge Fund for Health)

For a second consecutive year, we invited nonprofit organizations in Ciudad Juárez to participate in our matching funds program to support their fundraising strategies and invest in their social initiatives.

RETO POR LA SALUD (Challenge Fund for Health)

In 2017, six different organizations were selected to be part of this challenge and had the goal of raising $25,000 dollars each. Thanks to the support of the Hunt Family Foundation, we granted a matching gift of more than $12,000 to each organization that met its fundraising goal.

Collectively, the participating agencies: Centro de Estudios para Invidentes, Fundación Pedro Zaragoza, Vida y Familia, Patronato Amigos del MUREF, Instituto de Atención Especial para Niños and Espacio Interactivo La Rodadora raised more than 2.9 million pesos, and the Fundación granted matching gifts for more than 1.4 millon pesos. This represents an investment of more than 4.3 million pesos ($231,000 USD) to support health and well-being projects in Ciudad Juárez.

Alianza Contra La Violencia (Partnership to Prevent Violence)

Since 2016, the Fundación established a partnership with the Trust for Competitiveness and Citizen Security (FICOSEC) to launch a joint Request for Proposals for projects addressing family and juvenile violence in the southeastern part of Ciudad Juárez. Throughout 2017, the following projects and programs were supported:

  • Youth, families, drug dens, public spaces: disarming violence and developing preventive skills - CASA PROMOCION JUVENIL, A.C.
  • Experience the Street: Together for Peaceful Coexistence in Riberas del Bravo – COLECTIVA ARTE Y COMUNIDAD Y CEHLÍDER
  • Women´s Networks for Life and Harmony – RED MESA DE MUJERES Y SIN VIOLENCIA A.C.

Alianza Contra La Violencia

Juárez En Accion

This initiative aims to promote a culture of community action and social values using play and sports as tools to reach children, youth, teachers and families in Ciudad Juárez. There are three main strategies: Schools in Action, Community in Action and Action Weekend. The professional soccer team FC Juárez Bravos is the official ambassador of this program.

Schools in Action

  • This strategy works under the train-the-trainer model. In 2017, 85 P.E. teachers and staff were trained from social programs in a world-renowned methodology developed by Coaches Across Continents to teach them how to use sports for social change.
  • We are present in 99 schools and 19 social programs in Ciudad Juárez using the activities and curriculum learned through the training program.
  • Through our partnership with the participating teachers, we reached more than 24,000 children in Ciudad Juárez.
  • We donated more than 1,000 soccer balls, which are ultra-durable and almost impossible to deflate, to teachers, soccer leagues and nonprofits participating in our program.
  • A Steering Committee was formed by volunteer teachers to further extend our curriculum to more teachers and children.

Juárez En Accion

Community in Action

  • We participated in Expo Valores, an event held at the Chamizal Park to promote programs and initiatives that teach values and life skills to children and youth in Ciudad Juárez. The event had an attendance of more than 15,000 children, with more than 1,000 children participating in the activities that we offered at our booth.
  • The Local Police Department invited Fundación to facilitate activities of our Juárez en Acción curriculum to the children attending their summer camp. This camp is offered to the children of active-duty police officers.
  • To celebrate International Peace Day, we organized a mixed soccer match (men and women playing on the same teams) with neighbors of the colonia Lomas de San José to improve and strengthen their relationships as a community. At the end of the soccer match, the participants signed and released white balloons as a commitment to promote peace in their neighborhood.
  • We organized visits from our program ambassadors (soccer players from FC Juárez Bravos) with Club de Leones SC and Kairos Kids. The soccer players spent time with the children and gave them important messages about values and life lessons. As part of these visits, we also donated soccer balls to the participants.

Community in Action, Expo Valores

Action Weekend

  • Every year we invite families, schools, businesses, other nonprofits and the public to participate in our action weekend and help us clean public spaces, organize healthy activities and do charitable work throughout Ciudad Juárez. This year our action weekend was held on September 22 and 23 and more than 7,400 Juarenses participated.
  • Registered participants took part in more than 75 projects and activities.
  • Of the 75 registered activities, 18 were related to sports and physical activity, 28 were projects for cleaning and rescuing public spaces, 10 were wellness activities and 19 were charitable activities.
  • As the closing event of this massive community campaign, the Board of the Fundación, staff, the FC Juárez Bravos team and volunteers cleaned and refurbished the public park in colonia Lomás de San José. We painted walls, removed graffiti, repaired garbage cans and removed litter, the park was then adopted by neighbors who made a commitment to maintain the park in good condition.

Special Events

Wine Tasting Fundraising Dinner at La Custodia de San Pablo

In May 2017, we hosted a four-course wine tasting dinner at a quaint restaurant in Ciudad Juárez. Our invited sommelier, Miguel Cooley, visited us from Mexico City to guide our 80 guests through the art of pairing a delicious dinner with award-winning wines from the Pinesque winery.

Wine Tasting Fundraising Dinner at La Custodia de San Pablo

“FundRACING for Health” Dinner at Globo Rojo Car Museum

In October 2017, we hosted our largest fundraising event of the year: an exclusive three-course dinner at a private car museum in Sunland Park. The event’s theme was the Formula One races and 170 guests had the opportunity to enjoy a delicious dinner and a tour of the incredible Globo Rojo collection, which includes more than 100 cars and is one of a few privately-owned collections to house a red Ford Model T, XIX century and latest model cars.

“FundRACING for Health” Dinner at Globo Rojo Car Museum

El Paso Giving Day

For a second consecutive year, we participated in the community fundraising campaign El Paso Giving Day. This campaign is very important to us because it allows us to promote our work with donors both in Ciudad Juárez and El Paso.

Social Impact Diploma Course

One of our main objectives as a foundation is to promote initiatives that will increase the organizational capacity of programs and nonprofits working in Ciudad Juárez to improve the quality of life of our community. In partnership with Fortalessa and Fundación Cozumel, we the Social Impact Diploma Course for more than 40 leaders and executives of social programs and agencies in Ciudad Juárez.

Social Impact Diploma Course

Financial Statements

The Fundación Paso del Norte para la Salud y Bienestar promotes networks and partnerships that allow us to join forces and leverage available financial and in-kind resources, as well as expertise and methods that have been successfully tested and implemented in different contexts, to meet the challenges of our community in a more comprehensive manner and thus achieve a greater impact. As a result, we have received a positive response from the local and international community, our main sources of funding, as shown in the following graph. The Fundación is committed to stewardship and transparency to ensure that every investment in the Fundación and the community is effective and leads to improved health and well-being.

Finance Dashboard – All financial data as of December 31, 2017.
Fundación Paso del Norte, Revenue 2017
Fundación Paso del Norte, Egresos/Expenses 2017
Fundación Paso del Norte, Challenge Fund Partners 2017

Board of Directors

  • Ernesto Ávila Rodríguez Gil,
    Board Chair

    CMI Group

  • Laura Ochoa Bermúdez,

    Empresas Ixtlán

  • Estuardo Alvelais Destarac
    Arca Continental SAB de C.V.

  • Domingo Arellano Contreras

  • Michelle Assael Arroyo
    Clínica Médica Internacional

  • Miriam Guadalupe
    de la Vega Arizpe

    Almacenes Distribuidores de la Frontera

  • Xóchitl Díaz Porras
    U.S.-Mexico Border Health Commission

  • Renato Martinez
    EC Legal Rubio Villegas

  • Ricardo Mora Díaz
    Technology Hub

  • Dr. Rafael Tirado
    Núcleo Hospitalario Medico

  • Benjamín Torres Barrón - Founding Chair & Immediate Past Chair
    Baker & McKenzie Abogados, S.C.

  • Tracy J. Yellen
    Paso del Norte Health Foundation

  • Marco Zaragoza Fuentes
    Windstar LPG


Karen Yarza-Sieber, Executive Director

Luis Mendoza-Pérez, Deputy Director

Jesús Enrique Valenzuela-Palos,
Program Officer

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